A short visual story inspired by the prompt of Quad Jam #1 : Don't kill anything. I really wanted something that won't deal with death but speak of it in a more subtle way.

Completed in two days and half.

Art and music by myself.
Made with bipsi, a fork of bitsy, using the color hack from queenjazz.


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This game is just perfect, I hope I’ll hear them wisper one day..!!


Thank you so much!! I'm sure they will whisper if you care for them ❤

Beautiful <3


oooh thank you! I'm happy that you liked it

beautiful!! the music is so lovely <3

Thank you! You can find more of my music on bandcamp if you like https://jsmonzani.bandcamp.com/

So beautiful ;-;

Thank you 😊🌸

I really liked this story. Great visuals, music, and message!

Thank you, this is quite appreciated!  Since I've started creating these short stories games recently, it always means a lot to me when I get feedback on them!

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Cool game you got there, nice story

Thank you very much, that's quite appreciated!

That’s really creative and cool. I liked it and it kinda hits ya in the feels.

Oooh thank you! I often try to strike something emotional in these small games, glad you feel it!